The Secret Life Of Bees Analysis

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The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd is the story of a girl named Lily. In the book, Lily decides to leave her abusive father and tries to go and find where her mother her mother lived before she got married. Before she leaves, though, Lily decides to break her housemaid, Rosaleen, out of jail and run away from her father with her. This leaves Lily and Rosaleen with a lot of big decisions to make about where to go, how to get food, and what their future is going to be like. Based on examples from the Secret Life of Bees, I can deduce that experience and knowledge are better to an individual living in a cooperative society because individuals can make better decisions for themselves. With experience and knowledge, a person can make sound decisions that affect people in or around their home or community in a positive way, similar to how “scout bees look for a suitable place to start the new colony.” (Kidd 34)
An example of when ignorance is worse than knowledge is when T. Ray, Lily’s father told Lily that her mother had left her, Lily Responded by saying “I knew exactly what to do - leave.” (Kidd 41) This was a decision made with ignorance because she hadn't fully thought through the decisions of leaving her home with her father. This was an especially bad for Lily because her father was her only remaining family that hadn’t died. Lily also didn’t have any friends that she was close enough to so that she could seek refuge with them from T. Ray. So Lily began to go through her mother’s things to find out where she had lived. “Suddenly I stood still. Tiburon, South Carolina. Of course.
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For example, a time when knowledge and experience were bad was the time when Lily had the accident with her mother. After T. Ray had gotten Lily out of jail because Rosaleen stole two fans, T. Ray started talking about Lily’s