The Sectional Crisis In America, 1848-1856

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The sectionalism taking place in the United States destroyed people. The political cartoon I would use in a gallery presentation entitled “The Sectional Crisis in America 1848-1856” is called “Practical Image of the Fugitive Slave Law.” This image shows a fugitive slave being protected by a white male and black male. On the opposing side, there is a slave catcher on top of Daniel Webster, a senator at the time. This cartoon allows for the reasoning behind each side to show. To begin with, the demonstration of a slave catcher on top of a senator emphasizes how the government supported and started the harsh capture of the slaves. The slave catcher is holding a noose and manacles, and there is another slave catcher behind him holding a whip. These objects portray how harsh a slave’s environment is. Also, the fact that the American government is supporting this tortuous treatment is outrageous to some. Daniel Webster, in the cartoon, is shown holding the Constitution, but this is immediately contradicted by the white flag to the right of the “Temple of Liberty.” The flag reads, “All men are born free and equal,” but the black men are not created …show more content…
There is a white man protecting “Susanna” and a black man standing by his side doing the same. This shows that both races are coming together to protect the fugitive slaves. This side shows the view of the North of the United States. Also, there is a white flag on the left of the “Temple of Liberty.” The flag reads, “A day, an hour, of virtuous Liberty, is worth an age of Servitude.” In modern words, it is basically saying that one day of freedom is worth an entire life of slavery. This allows for the audience to understand that these people are trying to change this. The slaves are tired of the treatment, they are fighting back. Also, like I stated in the previous paragraph there is a past-slave getting back at his owner and torturing