The Seeds of Discouragement in Work with Young People Essay

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Child And Youth Assesment | March 28
| | The Seeds of Discouragement in Work With Young People. |

Table Of Contents. THE SEEDS OF DICOURAGEMENT IN WORK WITH YOUNG PEOPLE 3 What is assessment? 3 The four Ecological Hazards and it’s link to the Profiles in Discouragement 3 10 D’S of Deviance 5 The impact of positive personal theories of behavior 6 Impact on Assessment if the child or youth feels discouraged by an interaction with a CYCW 7 Conclusion: 8 Reference list: 9

What is assessment? Assessment refers to a methodical manner in which a variety of information can be obtained regarding a subject. In this field the subject is
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Also, some of these responses have developed over time with the notion to create and maintain discipline, for example in schools. These approaches have a punitive tendency to it whereby the solution to all wrong doings is exclusion or punishment. Furthermore, it has built up pessimism within professionals whereby they generalize their opinions on misbehavior and have a negative attitude towards children that portray negative behavior. These so called old school methods may be valid to a certain extent. For example; where a child is disobedient and breaks rules such as plagiarism is their work. It makes sense to reprimand and warn them to prevent them from facing adverse consequences. However, if the problem is deviant, then blaming a child and excluding him does not solve the problem. It further triggers him to perform worse acts. Therefore, it would be unwise to only follow this approach and it wouldn’t do full justice. This is because when it comes to child and youth assessment, it is important to take the extra step. And to remember that we could be dealing with children and youth that have more severe problems than just behavior issues. Each assessment is unique due to the fact that each child is different and each case is different which means that the approach will also differ. A child who has suffered child abuse will be assessed differently from a child who is autistic