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Is there any such thing as a self, meaning an unfdified individual who freely makes choices and act upon those choices in the world?

* Yes, there is a such thing as a self, from a dualist perspective I believe that the mind and body is made up of memories and influences through genetics and experiences, while these aspects do create a sense of identity although they do not create a sense of self, they rather interact with a metaphysical object that defines the ‘self’ * Id, ego and super ego from a psychological point of view could potentially create the illusion of three separate selves within the one identity * Memoires do not make a self, if they do; does that mean if you suffer memory loss you are no longer the same person? * A physical, or monist stand point also doesn’t make sense, how can random sparks of Nero energy create deep suppressed emotions that can be analyized though dreams which can lead to potentially finding answers within someone’s true brain * Does altered mental states, from meditating or psychedelic drugs affect the sense of self, or does it only bring new experiences and memories to compromise with the metaphysical thing inside yourself observing and compromising with it creating a new identity, but does the sense of self remain the same?

I believe that through only memoires, a sense of self cannot be achieved. The Philosopher John Locke believed that; the self is achieved through a link of memoires, the memoires acting as