The Seven African Powers: The Yoruban Tradition

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The Seven African Powers are seven of the most well-known and celebrated deities of the Yoruban tradition. Also known as the Orishas, they are universal to all beliefs of the Yoruban starting point, while they are not always believed to be the same deities. In Vodun, they are known as Loas or Lwas. In the Macumba traditions, of Candomble and Umbanda, they are called Orixa. While in Santeria, Voodoo's corresponding religion, they are mentioned as Las Sietes Potencias and lastly, in the Congo Basin, they are referred to as Nkisi.
They are said to be the messengers of Olodumare. Olodumare, the Supreme being them here to form other universes. Orishas are demi-Gods who have been sent to look after humanity. They oversee the forces of nature in addition
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The Seven African Powers are called upon for conquering difficulties, assistance with spiritual development, and encouragement of personal power. Any person can petition the Seven African Powers bearing in mind that they are spirit guides and everyone, whether they are initiated or not, have contact to spirits of the dead for their direction. Normally they are call for by burning a vigil candle which is seven colors, or using seven different candles representing the different colors. As you call the Seven African Powers and petition them for help, fasten strips of handkerchiefs or fabric of seven different colors in a bundle and twirl in the air above your …show more content…
She is called upon to in difficulties of fruitfulness and mystic growth. Yemaya is a foundation of wellbeing and strength in times of emotional crisis.
As the goddess of love and abundance, Oshun is often seen as the Venus or Aphrodite of the Orishas, Oshun is summoned for assistance in love and longing. She aids those who are going through a stage of change and growth.
The Orisha of lightning, power, sensuality and passion is Chango. Together with Oshun, Obatala, and Yemaya, Chango is one of the four influences of Santeria. He is extensively cherished and an inspiration of power and pride.
As the oldest of the Orishas, Obatala is respected as the initiator of all humanity. Obatala is called upon in times of legal trouble. Identified to be a fair and candid judge, Obatala offers strength to the blameless and justice to the guilty.
The Orisha of communication between the living and the dead is Oya. A chosen lover of Chango, Oya can command lightning, hail, tornadoes to fight her adversaries.
Having the status of the protective father figure, Ogun is the Orisha of tools and weapons. As an enthusiast of the wilderness, Ogun gives strength and protection to individuals with a conflict to