The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Essay

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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People When facing a problem, human nature looks for a “quick fix.” Whether it is the latest diet fad or a get rich scheme, almost all “quick fixes” produce the same short-lived results and often no results at all. As a society, we are drawn to the appeal of a quick and easy route which leads to immediate results. We have grown accustomed to an easy lifestyle that uses superficial tactics when interacting with others. The problem with these quick fixes is that they deceive us into believing it is possible to avoid going through the natural process of work and growth, an essential process in order to change. These quick solutions not only try to cheat the system, but also cause us to lose touch with …show more content…
After thinking about my ambitions, I then began to think, what am I doing now that is bringing myself closer to those goals? Reading this chapter led me to decide that rather than just live day-by-day, I should make a plan for myself with these goals in mind. This way, I will have a clear understanding of my destination so that rather than get caught in the busyness of life, I am focused and constantly working toward my goal. Such visualization skills are not only beneficial in thinking long-term about what I want to accomplish in life, but they will also allow me to fulfill specific short-term goals. I hope to use this habit in every project or assignment I set out to do by already acknowledging the end result before I start a project. Then I can plan each step more efficiently for the completion of my goal. I use this technique before speeches. For me giving a speech is the worst thing in the world; I am terrified of it. I speak so fast it is sometimes impossible to be understood. My knee caps shake, my palms get sweaty, and it is generally a terrible experience. However, to ease my nerves I always try to imagine myself giving the speech,