The Seventh Man Short Story

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Have you ever felt guilty about a friend or family member who was in danger and you could’ve helped them? I sure have, many people wonder should you feel guilty? Or should you just move on? In my opinion, people should just move on and focus on the positives. Throughout this essay, i will be using two short stories “The seventh man” by: Haruki Murakami, “ The moral logic survivor guilt” by: Nancy Sherman, and a podcast written by Shankar Vedantam.

“ The Seventh Man’’ by: Haruki Murakami a intriguing short story about survival. In this story a huge hurricane hit two boys town and destroyed cars, houses, and beaches. When the hurricane first emerged both boys got cover and were safe, but hurricanes are like hockey games they have intermissions. “ We’re in the eye of the storm,’’ my father told me.” It’ll stay quiet like this for a while, maybe fifteen, twenty minutes, kind of like an intermission’’(Murakami 135). The seventh man and his friend K went down to the beach during the intermission looking at all the damage that had been made.”
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In the story “ The moral of Survivor Guilt” by: Nancy sherman is about war veterans and how they carry burdens around when they come home. “ The sacred bond among soldiers originates not just duty, but in love” (Sherman 155). In the many interviews Sherman conducted, feelings of guilt and responsibility tangle with feelings of having betrayed fellow soldiers. Specialist Jeremiah Pulaski had saved captain Adrian Bonenberger life twice in Afghanistan. After returning home Pulaski was killed in a bar fight. Bonenberger felt very guilty “ When Pulaski needed help, Bonenberger wasn’t there for him” (Sherman 154). Bonenberger should not feel guilty many feelings that express character are not about what one has done or should have done, but rather about what one cares deeply