The Shining House Analysis

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The Shining Houses

"The Shining Houses" a short story by Alice Munro, published in 1968, on how life can change so quickly in such a short amout of time that we feel like we are floundering and trying our best to keep up. The ever changing and growing world, where change and development is enevatable. Though we want to hang on to the past and what once was, we are sometimes forced to move on weither we want to or not.

This story revolves around two ladies; a yound lady named Mary and an older lady named Mrs. Fullerton. Mrs. Fullerton is just trying to get by, living in the past, and not wanting to move forward through family and friends have encouraged her to do so. She is a proud lady, who just wants to live out her remaining years in the home that carries so many memories. Its her pride and joy even though to other's it looks run down and in shambles. She tells stories of how the lands used to be once covered in lush green forests and one day, less than a year ago, it was all torn down to make way for a new way of living, and the new shiny community with its shiny new homes.

Then there is Mary, a young lady with a new family, in a new city, and in a new shiny home, living the life that is expected of her. She feels for
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Inside you want things to remain the same but time gose on and we must change with them as best we can. Its sad to say but there have been real cases where land was sold out of force for roads to be made, new building to be put up, and it hasn't always been the seller wanting to sell. Most of these cases are where generations of families have lived on crown land and then that land eventually used to expand roadways or sold. Even lush forests, marshes, and valleys have all been changed, altered through time to make way for an every growing world. The trick I hope we one day soon learn, is to lessen the effect we make on the enviroment with our constant need to expand up and out to all the corners of the