The Significance Of Evangelism

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The witnessing video of the young girl Lindsay was very moving in many ways. This young lady will be hard to reach. In my view of Lindsay, she appears to be confused. As a young girl she moved from church to church not grasping a full understanding of the gospel as a young child. There has not been any stability in her life as far as the meaning of true Christianity. This situation must be handled with prayer, persistence, and perseverance.

According to Earley and Wheeler the fields of evangelism must be plowed with prayer. My first approach to Lindsay’s situation would be to pray for her. I truly believe the effectual and fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Lindsay will also be place on the prayer list at my church in an effort to attack the spiritual darkness in her life.

The situation with Lindsay is somewhat difficult because she knows the word. She was reared in church and quotes scriptures from the bible with understanding. Early and Wheeler’s idea of how to plow the field with love and humbleness will also be instrumental in this approach.

As I stated earlier in the paragraph ahead Lindsay will need to be covered in prayer. Wheeler and Earley also discussed how we are going to play one of three roles in the lives of the unsaved. Through prayer and spending time with the lost, we must pray that God will show us if the soul needs a seed planted or watered, or maybe the soul is ripe and ready for harvest.

Lindsay does not need to be invited to church or bible study. She knows God but something in her life has caused