The Similarities And Differences Between Different Operating Systems File Managing

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My paper will focus on the similarities and differences between different operating systems file managing. The operating systems that I will include are Windows XP and MAC. In my conclusion of the research paper I will give my opinion on which operating system has the best functioning operating system.

The most common used operating system is the Windows’ “Explorer”. The most common tool used inside of the explorer is called My Computer. According to other users the Windows Explorer performs very easy and is efficient. Inside of the Windows explorer it has a document folder called My Folder. All the files and subfolders inside are hyperlinked. The folders provide links to perform a specialized task. In the window you can choose several different selections on how you want to view the file. Those several views are groups, thumbnails, tiles and filmstrips. There are also different ways you can select multiple files. You can also copy files and folders and then send them to another folder or location. Also can choose to create a folder or delete them. All your deleted files will go to recycle bin just in case you want to restore them or even remove them permanently from the computer. There are also some negatives about this explorer. One problem that occurs within the explorer is that it may crash due to viruses or spyware. The explorer also has 3rd party extensions that add options to a selection list that may slow down your computer. Finally when you close a window, the explorer may stop responding.

The other operating system Mac’s “Finder” is an up and coming explorer. Inside the explorer includes a favorite shelf. The Finder has a fast file searching system. The finder does not use generic picture icons; instead it shows the actual picture file. The finder is just now receiving the thumbnail view but also has something called a cover flow view. The cover flow view shows the cover picture of an album referring to certain music files. Unlike the Windows’ “Explorer” you find everything on your own without worrying about third party applications. You can also change information for multiple files at once. Although there are few problems with the