The Similarities Between The Revolutionary War And The Civil War

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The Revolutionary War and the Civil War were very important in American History. They had the greatest effect on our country, and were very similar. The Revolutionary War was a fight between the British and a group of british citizens, fed up with how they were being ruled, broke off to from their own country. Likewise, the civil war was a fight between the americans and americans, fed up with the leadership that was trying to abolish slavery, broke off to form their own country. The wars were nearly identical in this sense. The wars were extremely divergent as well. To start, the Revolutionary War resulted in a separation from the British and the forming of the USA. On the other hand, the Civil War resulted in the rejoining of a country divided, quite the opposite of the Revolutionary War. …show more content…
So the Revolutionary War can be considered a civil war as well. The difference is the outcome. The Civil war resolved the country’s issues, leaving the country with the same size as it started, with different views on slavery. On the other hand, The Revolutionary War resulted in the formation of a brand new country. This is why it's a Revolutionary war. Because the new country underwent a