The Similarities between the Movie The New World and John Smith's Writing Essay

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I have to do a 1000 word comparative and contrast essay on "the new world"directed by Taerrence malik and the John Smith's writtings with six elements of stories, plot stucture, character, setting, point of view, symbolism, and theme...
Can you help me due tommorow thanks Soila Cordova
Mr. Marquart
20 June 2012

The New World

The movie, “The New World” is a drama-romantic film by Terrence Malick which has many similarities to Smith’s writings however there is also some differences. The movie is an adventurous historical event that leads to the establishment in Virginia in the 1600’s in a small town called Jamestown. The main characters are Captain John Smith, Pocahontas the daughter of the Chief Powhatan, and John Rolfe who
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Captain Smith writes in the movie no landlords to direct.
Captain Smith mentions in the movie in his mind, in his writings. They are genital, caring, faithful, seems like a dream. He asks himself “what is love?” “Shall we not take what we are given all unreal?” As she symbolizes air, wind and other things Pocahontas thinks in her mind as she calls to her mother by mind and dancing she wonders “where do you live? The sky, the land, the clouds, and or the sea: show me your face! Give me a sign.” Pocahontas and the stranger meet several times in the wilderness and because of their different languages they communicate by symbolizing. She makes him laugh, and feeling peaceful for once in his life. Her innocent is what attracts him the most. Feelings within him begin; falling in love is what he fells. Who would have image, later she would fall in love with this stranger who she protected against her own people. The book does not mention any of these shown in the movie, instead Smith writes more about his discoveries, explorations and adventurous. In the story it mentions a little part about an affair and the whole movie is based on Pocahontas and his romance in “The New World” and in England.
Time passes and the Powhatan Chief realize the emotions his favorite daughter is emerging towards this