The Similarities in Religions Essay

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Philipa Kerckerinck
Prof. Nasrallah
CSP 12
Prophetizing- Peaches and Cream
Philipa Kerckerinck 11.7.01
Prof. Nasrallah CSP 12

Prophetizing- Peaches and Cream

All religions are very specific with the details which set that religion apart from others. However, when all the little details are melted away, there are only a mere handful that are different in essence. When looked at closely, even the religions which are perceived completely dissimilar at first glance are surprisingly similar. For example, the Voodoo religion, and that of early Christianity are stereotyped as extremely different, but with closer inspection, not only are these two religions are very obviously similar, but Voodooism
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While the Pythia lived in the 14th century BCE, Mama Lola is very modern and still lives and practices her religion today. Thus, even though the time eras are extremely different, the idea of prophetizing has lived long enough to still be alive in present times, although it is in it's own, Voodoo manner: as different a manner it may be which makes a large difference in the two religions. Secondly, status has a large effect on the difference of the two religions. Pythia, on one hand, was sought after by many, and people came from all over the Mediterranean to seek this precious advice, and often left a plethora of gifts. Her cave had a temple built around it, and she was extremely well known. In comparison, Mama Lola came from the extreme poverty of Haiti in the Dominican Republic. She held her ceremonies in the basement of her small apartment, and often had a hard time gathering enough people, or ‘family members' for her services in a city which is jam packed with people everywhere you go. This aspect of the two religions creates a large gap of difference, though the core of both religions remains the same. Publicity is also an important aspect which sets these two religions apart. Mama Lola, for example, has a very tight ‘family' which consists of a small close-knit community, and holds her services in the basement where most anyone who is not involved in