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It's the simple things in life that mean the most, and it's the simple things that make the big things seem bigger. The people you choose to go along, are what makes life's journey worth while.
On hot summer days, the absolute best trip puts us in a canoe down the wide Shenandoah River. We escape the chaos of our daily omit lives to enjoy each other's company on a beautiful day. We sit back holding our fishing poles waiting for a slight tug to signal that a fish had snatched the bait. Catching a fish always thrilled us all, whether it was minute or monsterous. I love to be on the water feeling the sun warming the skin on my back as we float. After hours of soaking up the powerful rays, nothing feels more refreshing and fun than splashing into the water from a rope swing. When our arms are too tired to swing any longer, we gather up wood and sticks so we can cook hotdogs over a campfire... a perfect day.
Because we live in the Shenandoah Valley, my friends and I hike often. I find excitement in climbing to the top of a mountain and maneuvering across the rocks to find the best view.No feeling compares to overlooking the valley, its wild life, flowers, and trees. Nothing escapes our eyes-- squirrels leaping from branch to branch in the trees above, deer eating berries from the bushes, snakes slithering alongside the trail, and spiders catching insects in their webs.
Three Ravens Rock has become our regular rest area at the top of a mountain in the national park when we were