The Slave Short Story

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Slave Short Story Today was one of the gloomy days. It was already hard enough to work out in the fields, but in addition to that it was pouring down rain. I had just left the slave cabins and I was already drenched. My little brother, John and I trudged towards the plantation with our parents. We were only wearing rag-like clothes and walking barefoot to the fields. I had already stepped on more than a dozen rocks.
“Ouch,” screeched John. He was having the same problem as me. Since he was only 8 he was not used to this torture, but he would have to become a man soon and learn to work in the fields in any kind of weather. Our master would not permit weakness or slow work. We would be punished thoroughly and harshly. Our master was Mr. Lancaster. He had no heart whatsoever. If we didn’t
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She’s not as amazing as you may want her to be.” Said the lean man. He stepped forward, glaring at master, but master regarded him calmly.
“No,” he said once more. The skinny man opened his mouth to argue again, but another man stepped forward. This man had been the quietest of them all. The whole time he studied me as if he would give anything to have me. He strode forward and stopped a few feet in front of me. I felt him staring down at me, but I kept my gaze straight.
“I’ll give you $500, with a horse.” He said in a quiet voice. Master stared at him disbelief. I looked up in shock too, my mouth hanging open. He responded with a small, kind smile. I kept staring. Why did he want me? Why was I getting sold to strangers? I don’t want to leave John and Ma and Pa!
“It’s a deal,” Master said. He bent down and whispered in my ear. “Betty, you are leaving the farm to go live with this man here. He is your new master and you will be helping his family with housework. Your work here is done. You will get Sunday’s off to meet your folks and go to church. Now behave yourself and be a good child.” He patted me on the head and turned his back on