The Slave Trade Essay

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Is the American Dream Available The American Dream is about having that house with a nice pool other things are a nice car, a nice paying job, nise clothes/shoes and last but on least that nice white picket fence. The only way to the american dream can be available is to have a good education and try to get the best job you can that pays enough a year to become rich. We need to work hard to get what we want nothing is free, hard work always pays off in the long run. Try to strive to be the best at what you do. Ambition is the number one trait you need to get sometime in life. They Gather on a Corner In Brooklyn Page 3 Paragraph 10 " At
9:30am Mr. Sherpa decided there would be no job for him that day, he picked up his knapsack and turned his back on the intersection, tomorrow would be another day. The next thing you need for the american dream to become available is a job.
Even the worst jobs are still important to americans aleast theres some kind of income coming in every little bit helps we need to support our families in any and everyway possable.
They Gater On a Corner In Brooklyn Page 3 Paragraph 8 "Mr. Sherpa, who tries to send money every three months or so to his 4 kids and wife... there are no jobs" Last but not least the final way that people need for the american dream to be available is Disillusioned. People spend money that they dont have turning into debt. They think they can pay there debt off in their richer future. In reality its very hard to get rich