The Sniper: A Short Story

Words: 514
Pages: 3

“Wait…” He tried calling after Asia but the angel was gone, like poof; there one second and not the next. Maybe it was a good idea that Asia left Ivan behind, the sniper was kind out of it. The blond took his sweet old time getting ready before he left he made sure that he had all of his belongings and he even was kind enough to pick up the room; let's just say there were a lot more alcohol bottles and cans laying around then what Ivan thought they had. It was starting to make sense why he felt like shit. When everything was done Ivan headed towards the café but the moment he left the Devilish Angel he was lost. He couldn’t remember which way they came from the other night; thank god for smartphones. All the sniper had to do was type in was the Dark Manor Café and he was on his way. …show more content…
He shrugged off the feeling without much of a second thought. It wasn't until he could people whispering around him, was there something wrong with him? A young female approached him, her blonde hair pulled into a loose braid, he instantly recognized the subject. Jessica looped her arm through Ivan's, a fake smile was plastered on her face, "I'm only doing this because all those girls looked like they were ready to pounce on you." Her eyes flickered towards a group of girls that were all huddled together whispering. "Say one word of how I was nice to you, I'll personally slit your throat." She scoffed. "Well, it's nice to see you too Rachel. So where's Jessica?" He chuckled. "Oh, you know locked up in here," She said tapping her head slightly. "I see, how much chaos have you caused since getting free?" He walking with the other subject. " Not too much but what happened to your jacket?" She asked. Ivan stopped in his tracks, shit he almost forgot about the