The Social Process Theory Essay

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The Social Process Theory
The social process theory suggests that criminals are raised in an environment that forms them to make unlawful decisions. People are influenced by what they are taught and their surroundings such as where they were raised, their guardians, and people they associated with. Individuals actions and thought process is going to be based off of what their first instinct is and their first instinct is going to be what they know best. For example, if a boy is raised in a home where their family shows their anger by reacting physically, then that child will be more likely the one that is getting in fights at school than the child who grew up in a home where fighting was never present. No one is born with the mind be
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An individual who is trying to solve a conflict may not give much thought at all when it comes robbing someone if they feel they are in desperate need of an item and are not willing to work for it or if they need money. There is clear relationship between individuals that are impulsive and lacking social bonds to committing a crime. Everyone has a label or a title that represents them based on what other people think about the person. Their first impression by others is hard to live down. An individual that has had interactions with police, courts, and correctional agencies are doomed to think that their only possible identity is a criminal (Jenson, 2003) When a person is looked at by society as being a criminal they acknowledge it and are more likely to continue disobeying the law (Becker, 1963). It is human nature to adapt to whatever role people treat you like. If you get treated like a criminal enough you may act out like one. One mistake could damage yourself image for the rest of your life. For example, an underage college girl getting caught drinking on campus and is expelled from school will be recognized as a troublemaker or irresponsible. Many students make drink underage but if this particular person was caught and has this on her record she will be treated differently and be limited to options that would benefit her future. Criminals are not born with the intent becoming a criminal without help