The Sons of Guadalupe Essay

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|The Sons Of Guadalupe |
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|Chicano Studies 141a |
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|19/09/2012 |
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|José González |

Chapter 1 “Don’t Eat the Bear”

This chapter talks about the history of
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Contrary to its name, it doesn’t serve Mediterranean foods; it serves hamburgers, fries, and shakes. Bud Wong’s Exotic Cuisine, was a Chinese restaurant, which served authentic Chinese food, located right in front of “La Simpatia”.

Chapter 3: “Soldiers without Guns”

Mexicans in Guadalupe came because of the bracer programs during WWII. they were the ones keeping the agriculture going in the United States during these times. But all these came with a price and a big one. The fight started to enter the US it was a dangerous journey then they had to be selected between thousands and last they had to survive here with almost no pay and little to eat it was a fight at home they were soldiers without guns.

The Mexicans are Coming- after WWII, the population of Mexicans in Guadalupe increased dramatically. Due to increased migration of Mexicans to the U.S. and the internment of the Japanese. The Mexican population became the majority in Guadalupe.

Soldados Dezembrados, la Leyenda de Arturo Ortiz- Arturo Ortiz, who came the United States through the bracero program- it allowed Mexicans to come to the United States and work for a determined amount of time, 4 times. He knows what is like to work in hot conditions from dusk to dawn, fighting a home war and showing what he is capable of managing to safely return home.

Stealing from the Poor- There was a dramatic increase in Mexican population, not only in