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How does thought of exploring the whole world under one roof sound to you?
At south bank we provide an enormous variety of opportunities for students to explore the transforming powers of art. We hold programmes from stage plays to musicals from a vast range of continents that will keep students entertained, on their feet and coming back for more. The south bank centre was founded by Jack Smith in the late nineteenth century and is said to be one of the most 'breathtaking' single run arts centre in the world which includes the Elizabeth Hall and many more prestigious venues.The south bank centre draws on its heritage as a festival site with craftsmanship both inside and out.

The centre is located on the banks of South London which is in the heart of an arts division surrounded by visual and performing arts, hence it's name. With reasonable expenditure, students will be sure to return home with a bag load of education, memories and skill. Transportation links are easily accessible due to the centre being in the hub of London; rail, tube and bus are available. But why not surprise your students and finish your day with a captivating boat ride which runs right outside the centre?

Most activities we offer are free of charge and are open to students of all ages providing them with the opportunity to get their hands on and get involved. These activities are running throughout the week therefore are unmissable. At the south bank centre we have an ‘in house’ eatery with meals from various countries all of the world. We have a selection of foods from Asian to Italian cuisine allowing students to experience and explore the different types of dishes and art, considering we believe that food is a form of art too. Our food court is located in the south-facing part of the building with the exceptional view of the river and the boats passing by whilst you enjoy your delicious food. The buildings surrounded by the food court carry a lot of history and screams for your attention. Just the sight of our stunning views will be enough to make your students speechless.

The South bank centre is not only a complex of monumental venues but also an establishment which organises talks aimed to educate students about the different types of multicultural music and performances. We are proud to tell you that our performing and visual arts classes and clubs are hosted by Kings College who provide students with an exciting opportunity to work with one of the ‘worlds leading arts organisation’. Students will be encouraged to work on their acting skills alongside drama graduates, developing their understanding of composition.

Furthermore, this place is also a major stepping stone for students who aim to pursue a career in the art division, but also provides a chance to be recognised by prominent members of