The Soviet Invasion Of Afghanistan Was A Failed Attempt By A World Super Power To Expand Their Large Growing Empire Into The Middle East Essay

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The soviet invasion of Afghanistan was a failed attempt by a world super power to expand their large growing empire into the Middle East. The concern is the end of the old regime and the rise and fall of the communist influenced regime ending with the re-instated elective democratic republic. Starting with the Pre-war politics and multiple kuu’s leading up to the invasion. Following that the fights and battles both politically and physically between the soviet and the communist regime vs. the mujahidin and their supporters. Ending with the end of the war and withdraw of the soviet forces. As well as the newly instated political government and there ideal. The triumphant victory or the rebel mujahidin soldiers over the much larger forces of the Afghanistan government and the Soviet Union was and still is a huge accomplishment both militaristically and politically. As well as showing that the Middle East can solve problems without major Western involvement.
Leading up to invasion multiple political take overs and the elections of many corrupt leaders cause the governments infrastructure to collapse and fail. The resignation of president Taraki and the hostile takeover of Prime Minister Hafizullah brought even more problems to the stability of Afghanistan. (Tomsen “The good war? What Went Wrong in Afghanistan”) Multiple military take overs and other political take overs occurred in this time which made it all too easy for the soviets to take over the weak and crumbling government. “The soviets began a civil war between an already corrupt and weekend government and the communist supporting government backed by the Soviet Union”. (Alfred E. senn “Afghanistan invasion of” 37) As the Soviet Union invades and begins to take over Afghanistan they are met by a strong resistance causing a civil war with in the country proving that a smaller rebel force can take on a world power as well as communism.
As the Soviet Union continues to attack and counter attack the mujahidin and the Afghanistan rebel forces the freedom fighters continue to attack soviet airfields and convoys. One of the many struggles for both sides was controlling major cities. Cities such as Kabul and other major cities. The mujahidin fighters kidnapped, bombed, attacked, and rocketed the soviet invaders. “As a result of the struggle over the main cities once the soviets union took the capital the mujahidin soldiers began multiple rocket attacks on the capital.” (Samuel hayfield combat activity chapter 5) The Soviet Union countered the attacks from the freedom fighters by bombing local villages and killing men women and children. Any village or town thought to be a hiding place for the rebels was bombed to a crisp. “On top of that the soviets received information about a large mujahidin base up in the mountains. There were many causalities, but due to strong resistance and counter attacks by the rebels and the advantage of the terrain the rebels were able to cause mass damage to the soviets and caused them to tighten their grip on the land that they controlled.” (John L. Esposito, Ed “mujahidin”)
May 1984 soviet forces begin to pull out of Afghanistan do to little gain of territory loss of public favor and troop’s lives. The soviets begin to loose many battles after their somewhat fail of an attack on the rebels mountain base. “The rebels begin to take over many air fields and ambush multiple convoys causing a lack of supplies to the soviet forces.” (Tomsen “The good war? What Went Wrong in Afghanistan”) “On top of that the soviets along with the Afghani forces decided to open a second front on the Pakistani border splitting there troops on two fronts.” (Samuel hayfield combat activity chapter 5) They quickly lost the Pakistani front all pulled back to focus their troops on the mujahidin soldiers. By Feb 15 1985 when the completely pull all main forces out. And shortly after the mujahidin takes over and re installs democratic government.
In summary the rebel forces