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Character List

Ghost of Andrea

King of Spain – Spanish King
Cyprian – Duke of Castille – his brother
Lorenzo – The Duke’s son
Bel–Imperia - Lorenzo’s sister hdhfb gtdbth dtop the fastecest like the space in which the bedt ever nutrents casme from. I gae al give me the feast ever but why oh hwhy ust you uh
General – of the Spanish Army

Viceroy Of Portugal (King)
Pedro – His Brother
Balthazar – Prince ( His Son)
Alexandro – Nobleman at The Portuguese Court
Villuppo – Nobleman at The Portuguese Court
Ambassador – of Portugal to the Spanish court

Hieronimo – Knight Marshall of Spain
Isabella – his wife
Horatio – his son

Pedringano – servant to Bel-Imperia
Serberine – Servant to Balthazar
Christophil – servant to Lorenzo
Page (Boy) – to Lorenzo
Three Watchmen
Maid to Isabella
Two Portugese
Three Citizens
An Old man, Bazulto (‘Senex’)

Based on senecan tragedy revenge was a controversial issue during the Elizabethan time

Act 1 – Scene 1
Conventions of Senecan tragedy that we have already seen include: the angry ghost, calling from revenge from beyond the grave; the brief expository speech made by that ghost in order to inform the audience of the play's back-story; and thechorus composed of Andreas and Revenge
The chorus is unlike anything in Seneca; it does not merely comment but, rather, has a perceived and direct interest in the action
Ghost amd chorus act as an audience to the events of the play,