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The spectacular Christmas carol
The Christmas carol tells a story of a sour stingy man named Ebenezer Scrooge’s ideological, ethical and emotional transformation after the supernatural visits of his long dead partner Jacob Marley, the ghost of Christmas past, present and the future. The first ghost Scrooge met was the ghost of Christmas past; the ghost of Christmas showed him the past to see what he was like. The second ghost scrooge met was the ghost of Christmas present; this ghost showed Scrooge what he should be like and how heartless and mean he was to people. The third ghost was the ghost of Christmas future; he took scrooge to see what was in store for him if he did not change the man he was. The ghost took Scrooge to the people on the streets to hear what they were saying, then he took him to a dark room where there was a dead man lying in bed with the sheet over his head the ghost told scrooge to remove the cover but he couldn’t because the person underneath the sheets was him. When Scrooge woke he saw a kid and told him to go buy the biggest turkey in the window and have it delivered to the Crachet’s house hold. The next day at work he gave an employer a raise.
Scrooge had a lot of choices in life but he chose the person he wanted to be in the beginning that was his choice. Scrooge never got over Jacob Marley’s death so he never had any joy around Christmas time. No one in town talked to him because he was a cruel, brittle, heartless sour old man. Scrooge was never generous to anyone. The decisions that let him be that way were he never talked to anyone about it, it just kept building up and turned him into who he was. Scrooge had the decision to change and he did nut he did not have to he wanted to. There were no consciences in his new person he decided to be he made people happy and he made himself happy. His decision saved tiny Tim’s life because he did the right thing.
Choices can change our lives dramatically. The choices we make every day like driving, working, eating etc. all those choices we have can have consequences, say you owned a multimillion dollar company if you don’t inspect a product it could seriously injure someone then they would sue your company. Or if you’re driving your car and you don’t put your turn signal on into the next lane it could cause major accidents and even death. The choices we make now in school can affect our future if you don’t