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The spillway
Write finish point of view and how character settings are used to engage the readers.
The setting is a party which is described as a ‘living thing with an existence and momentum all its own’.
Dana (person in charge of party)
Spencer (main character)
Main character (spencer)
He is a loner and isolated with no friends however hangs out with paul and seb occasionally. He is shy
Narrative texts often incorporate narrative conventions in order to effectively convey the social issues present in today's society. Melanie Kirkwood's short story "The Spillway" effectively incorporates the use of narrative conventions to convey the social issue of fitting in. Through the characterization of Spencer as a stereotypical teenager trying to fit in; and the use of a first person point of view told through Spencer's eyes, the short story effectively conveys this social issue of fitting in throughout the story.
Melanie Kirkwood uses 1st person point of view to give the experience of being inside Spencer’s head due to the direct link between Spencer and the audience. The author uses first person because emotions don’t become filtered through the distance of a third person narrator. 1st person also is used to make it seem more believability. Due to the connection created with the reader mentioned above, there is an inherent believability that is created through the first person perspective. This is because the first person perspective breaks down the barrier that the reader has and gives it a sense that they are getting a direct account of the events from a primary source. 1st person