The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale Essay

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The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale

Robin Snyder


October 22, 2012
Alyssa Oland

The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale

This paper will cover the historical significance of the Stanford-Binet intelligence scale. This scale was originally called the Binet-Simon scale. Albert Binet and Theodore Simon together created this scale. This scale was originally created for children. Intelligence testing became significant in the 21st century as it enabled mainly schools to seek out children who need academic help. However, this test was taken a step further in the 21st century by major corporations who use the Stanford-Binet intelligence scale as a major tool during the hiring process and to determine a person’s
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According to Link (2002) “The Stanford-Binet IQ test is simply drawing on these same material cognitive techniques and associating one's ability to use them with the term 'intelligence,' allowing the social classification that was the purpose of the test to be made according to the ability to 'think scientifically” The Effects on Psychology The Stanford-Binet Intelligence scale has played a huge role in the field of psychology. Today, there are many different categories of psychology. However, the Stanford-Binet scale fits best in the fields of child psychology, and industrial and organizational psychology (I&O). As explained above this scale is based mainly around the ability to determine gifted children. Many gifted children are used as research subjects in psychology to help aide researchers in the advancement of intelligence. School psychologists especially use the Stanford-Binet to determine placement of a child based on his or her intelligence. Many large corporations retain the services of I&O psychologist’s to ensure that employees are able to function and comprehend his or her job duties and responsibilities. Conclusion This paper covered an important part of psychological testing; the Stanford-Binet intelligence scale. This scale was originally called the Binet-Simon scale but was re-named