The Steps It Took For The Empire To Convert To A Christian Empire

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I. CHIPL Summary
Chapter 9 This chapter is about the steps it took for the empire to convert to a Christian empire. Before Constantine, there was a general named Diocletian. Diocletian was the cruelest ruler to the Christians; he persecuted the church the most, and therefore is not liked among Christians. Diocletian was not like by the church but he was a great emperor nonetheless. He was able to bring the empire back to its feet even though the empire was close to collapse. He was originally a general but he proved to be more than a general, but a strong politician as well.
For some reason Diocletian started to attack the Christians. At first he didn’t care much about them but two years before his reign he started to attack the Christians. His edict was to destroy church buildings, prohibit Christian worship, and burn the Scriptures. Bishops were put rounded up and put to death. Diocletian told his successor to do the same thing while he is ruling as well, while in the east was even more severe. Constantine found God’s help and was able to win the battle with a certain sign. Due to this Constantine was in favor of Christianity and allowed Christians to roam free much more than before. Soon Christians came to power. ‘
Chapter 10
The nation was finally put together but Constantine hoped that religion would bring life back to the nation but for that to happen the church had to be unified. There were many debates on Christian theology and therefore could not be unified. Some