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In life love can cause a person to react mysteriously, in these three short stories “Cathedral”,” The storm”, and “Barn burning”. This occurs to the characters; Unconditional love companionate love and romantic love are all expressed in these stories. In “Cathedral” by Robert Carver the wife and her real husband does not last long in a committed relationship. She is mysterious to me because the wife has developed love. Furthermore a strong bond between a good friend of hers who she known for a while. He is the blind man that opened up her eyes and perspectives on how she viewed Robert. “The wife and the blind man kept in touch they made tapes and mailed them back and forth” (78). She shows that she is determined to keep in contact with Robert and prove how much she loves him. The wife says “your bed is made up when you feel like going to bed, Robert. I know you must have had a long day. When you’re ready to go to bed say so” (85). The wife comforts him and makes him feel at home furthermore the husband is occupying Robert’s time by drinking, smoking, and watching T.V. with him.

What was mysterious about this story was the fact that the real husband showed a sign of jealousy and loneliness. Robert and his wife sat on the sofa, “they talked about the major things that had come to pass for them in the past ten years, for the most part I, just listened” (83). As a result this revealed that the husband is starting to feel left out, due to the fact that Robert and his wife have bonded. She responded more to the blind man than her husband and had made a real connection with him. This was indeed a compassionate love, the wife showed intimacy and commitment to the blind man; it was a long term relationship.

“The Storm” was written by Kate Chopin also revealed a different type of love and mystery. This type of love is romantic love a woman named Calixta loved her husband but not very well. Calixta encountered her high school sweetheart Alcee laballiere and remembered her past. Alcee grounded himself with romantic love and intimacy to Calixta, “When he touched her breasts they gave themselves up in quivering ecstasy, inviting his lips. Her mouth was a fountain of delight” (98).

Calixta became seduced by Alcee but he not reciprocates serious feelings and their love became out of control. “A