The Storm Essay

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Clavel Williams Williams
Joshua Chumley 1
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July 12, 2014

The Storm

It was just another humid July night in the vast Arizona desert and i was completely miserable from the sweltering heat .Not exactly sure how i ended up living in the desert when i prefer stormy nights to the dry heat found in the arizona climate. I was sitting on the oversized tapestry couch doing my homework when a magical show began to unfold outside of the picture box window in my living room. As the aroma of rain filled my lungs i was overcome with anticipation of the storm that was growing before my blue eyes. Ominous dark clouds were slowly creeping across the sky consuming what remained of a warm summer evening. Watching the sky morph into something that looked evil and menacing, i could see a wall of rain as it fell from the heavens above, washing every surface that was exposed to the outside elements. Maturing with every drop of rain the storm gained momentum roaring like a lion, somewhat silencing the emergency tone alerting users of the risks and urging them to stay home.
Blond hair fought with the wind as it was howling like a wolf at a full moon. Streaks of lightning pierced the air emerging through the dark clouds illuminating the sky with a flash brighter than anything man made, envisioning the angels taking pictures as they attempted to wash negativity from existence. Feeling the electricity pulsate the air i was memorized by its blinding beauty oblivious that i was captured by the storm. Crashing against the static left by its successor the thunder was powerful enough bring me back to reality.