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Since my first day of practicing with my mentor my skills have improved dramatically I can finally do all the things that I was hoping to learn this experience has been really fun because well I love soccer it’s my life and passion I can’t go one day without playing no matter the weather if it rains I go to indoor and well I practice there if I have too as well. Soccer has always been one of my main priorities in life well that and school. What I enjoyed most about this experience is being able to be outside enjoying the weather doing what I love the most. My mentor has helped me see that there is more than just scoring goals you have to be able to work as a team and show leadership even if you’re not the captain on the team, and if someone else is telling you to do something try to do it as best as possible. I learned that you should work your hardest everyday because practice makes perfect, if you don’t practice you’re not going to improve in anything you’re just going to be where you had started. I love soccer it has kept me out of trouble so many times.
I learn in practice I am able to apply it in the game, when it is my time to shine. In the end it makes the team better than any other team we will ever meet. When I am on the field it is as if nothing else matters because I am in another world where my coach, my team, and the ball are the only things that exist. These are the reasons why I play soccer and why the sport is so important to me. To live for every moment