The Story Of Jesus Christ

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The Story

The mainstream Christian belief that Jesus is the Son of God, fully divine and humanity and the savior of humanity. Christians commonly refer to Jesus as Christ or Messiah. Jesus' ministry and subsequent resurrection are often referred to as the Gospel, meaning the Good News and the promise of salvation and eternal life for all people, through His divine grace. As Christian believers, we have a responsibility to share the Gospel. The purpose of this paper is to provide a summary of the pamphlet called “The Story.” This pamphlet is an evangelistic tool that outlines not only the story of Jesus Christ, but also from the beginning of creation until Jesus' return (or from Genesis to Revelations). This pamphlet articulates in a simplistic manner “The Story” of the bible. It distinguishes between the basic phases of the bible and answers the questions that new believers would have in making a decisions to convert to Christianity This pamphlet explains exactly what it means to be saved, to live a life with Jesus, and to live a life without Jesus. The pamphlet speaks about conversion and sanctification. With every page turn, there are talking points that would make evangelism easier. This pamphlet went into an area that most evangelistic tools stay away from. This reading articulates living a new life after Jesus' return and eventually returning back to Earth living a life in a manner which God designed. This is a life without pain, without worry, and