The Story Of A Cat

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…I tried to run, but I couldn’t. The monster seemed like it was growing by the minute! And then, the most horrible thing was about to happen—I screamed and sat bolt upright in bed. I gasped, swallowing huge amounts of air. I looked over at the clock. It was three in the morning. I threw the covers off my legs and walked to the restroom. As I washed my face, I heard a low howl. Knowing it was the wind; I closed the window and dried my face. My cat swerved around my legs, purring. I bent down to pet him then proceeded to gently pick him up in my arms. “I had another nightmare.” I said, frowning. My cat looked at me with a clueless expression. “And I’m talking to a cat.” I bent down and put my cat back on the ground. He walked into the hallway and left me. I walked over to my closet and changed into an oversized gray sweater and some shorts. I tied my hair up in a ponytail and walked downstairs. My mother was rarely ever at home, and even if she was, it was during school hours or I was out. She worked twenty hours at a factory. I never asked my mother about her job, I just knew I never saw her, and stayed home with my father most of the time. Unfortunately, my father died two years ago, when I was eleven. My mother thought I was old enough to stay home alone and I have been ever since then. Don’t get me wrong though, my mother still cared for me. Every time she came home, she’d cook me dinner and leave a note. Then she relaxes for the rest of the time she had on her break. I turned on the switch which lit up the living room. My other cat sat on the arm of the couch, staring at me. It was pitch black outside. Shivers went down my spine as a cold wind went down my sweater. I shook my head and sat down on the couch. Suddenly, the lights started to flicker; soon, a light shined outside. I stood up from the couch and looked at the window. The light turned off. I stared at the window, ignoring the flickering lights. The bright light lit up outside once again, red dots in the shape of eyes came closer. I got closer to the window and stared. A demonic dog’s face hit the window to where my face was. I screamed and sat against the wall. Ever since my father had died, the demonic dog’s face showed up often in my nightmares. I put my hands to my head and started crying. The rest of the night, I stayed awake, watching the light flicker. Once it was morning, I felt better and went up to my room. It was spring break, so I went to change into a t-shirt and a different pair of shorts. I wrote a small note to my mother, “I’m out, be back around four, love you mum,” then left. I walked a few blocks to get fresh air. That was until I passed a two men arguing. “BORING! BORING! THERE’S NOTHING TO DO.” One man exclaimed. “I’m sorry there’s no case for you to solve!” the other man replied. I noticed that the two men were Mr. Winchester and Mr. Grey. “Um, Mr. Winchester?” I asked. Both men looked at me. “Yes?” Mr. Winchester smiled. “I have a problem.” I said “Yes, good for you.” Mr. Winchester looked away. “Castiel! What’s wrong, Amelia?” Mr. Grey bent down to my height. I asked if we could talk about it in their apartment. Mr. Grey nodded and went up the stairs as I followed. After explaining, Mr. Winchester just stared at me with a blank face as Mr. Grey had the most concerned face towards me. “She’s delusional and crazy.” Mr. Winchester stated. “We’ll take the case. Call me Lester and him Castiel.” Lester smiled. “Lester I don’t want to solve some teenager’s insane problems.” Castiel glared at Lester. I sighed and got up from the chair. Castiel managed to choke out, “No, stay, we’re going to drive you to where your dad was murdered.” I gave Castiel a shocked look. “What? My father wasn’t murdered.” I stated. “Amelia, what do you remember from your father’s death?” Castiel sounded interested. “He died in his sleep, didn’t he?” I asked. Castiel kept looking at me. He finally answered, “No. He got