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“The story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin
In the first two paragraphs it shows that the character is a woman whose husband has died and she has just received the terrible news. I am wondering if her husband is in some type of active duty and has gotten killed. At least that’s the impression I got. It’s important to understand the story’s background a bit more but Choplin decides to reveal it to the audience at later time, to keep suspense in the story.
The nature of the conflict in this story is that Louise ended up being told her husband died and she was in great pain and agony and when she was on her way out she died of a so called “disease”. It shows that nobody is perfect, or how they truly seem on the outside. People hide feelings, and I believe that her knowing about her disease allowed her to understand the facts on life and she accepted them knowing what was coming.
I believe that “The Joy that kills” is a perfect title for this novel as it pertains to the exact point of the novel.
“Deportation at Breakfast” by Larry Foundation
The information given to the audience from the novel is about a character named Javier who is obviously in some type of trouble with the authorities. They did not tell us why, or even why Javier was being so nice to the author or vise-versa.
The authorities who took Javier were the immigration people. I know this because of the title, and also because it says “..Into their waiting car” (208) and also in the novel it talks about how the other men in the diner seemed to not have noticed the character Javier’s disappearance, as to they already knew what was going on.
I believe that from now on in the novel, the authorities will keep checking in for more immigrants throughout the days.
“A&P” by John Updike
The writer reveals to the audience ideas and ways that Lengel the store manager acts towards the little girls is basically downgrading. He looks at them in disgust, and has thrown indirect comments that show the reader he is grossed out by them. On page 236, it says “Girls, this isn’t the beach”, as the little girl has a raggedy shirt on due to not having money obviously to afford a new shirt. He then goes on to state: “We want you decently