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July 21, 2013

Diesel Technicians
The main topic of Diesel Technicians included the following articles, “Diesel Engine Technician”, Career Directions, n.d. 21 April, 2010 “Mechanical Engineering”, ProQuest Research Library, march 1992, O’Connor, Leo , March,1992, Evolving Technological Systems for Diesel Engine Emission Control: Balancing GHG and Local Emissions." Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 2 January 2008, David Bauner 17 may 2008. 1. "Career Directions Diesel Mechanic." Tech Directions, n.d. September 2007 “Diesel Engine Technician." Tech Directions, n.d. Techdirections, December 2000.
In the first article “Diesel Engine Technician” 21 april.2010,
Diesel engine technicians maintain and repair the engines that power a variety of large transportation equipment and vehicles. While other technicians work mainly in the agriculture field of diesel equipment, diesel technicians handle a wide variety of repairs from electrical system malfunctions to major engine repairs. Diesel technicians have a very rewarding job and will always have a demand for technicians. Having the drive and mind set to be a very successful technician means there will most likely never be a limit to your options, advancements, and achievements you can accomplish.
Training is a must in this line of work from down to the basics from high school training you must have a solid education in the recommended courses to be in any way possible to have a good technician job out of high school without any postsecondary schooling including * English * Mathematics * Technology education * Physics * Computer courses * Automotive repair * Electric basics * Metal and machine courses
Without these basic courses and skills under your belt right out of high school you won’t make it in this field without some kind of postsecondary schooling.
Postsecondary schooling programs vary from six months to two years and lead to a certificate of completion or an associate’s degree. A formal four year apprenticeship is another way to become a diesel technician. These types of programs include very in-depth training and detailed in different areas of a verity of equipment you are studying for. Employers look mainly for a postsecondary graduate so they know that the person has what it takes to be a very knowledgeable technician with a lot of back ground to become a very good asset to the company.
Stats & Facts Personal characteristics/skills are a must. Communication, reading comprehension, attention to detail, math and computer shills, strong problem solving, manual dexterity, and mechanical ability are all the basic fundaments that are a must to get started in the diesel technician field of work. Having these basic principles and postsecondary schooling for diesel technology will provide skills and standards to earn higher wages than an auto technician because there are much greater skills and strengths required. Average technicians earn an hourly wage of $21.50 while more advanced technicians earn $25-$32 an hour. Certified field workers generally earn a slightly higher pay than noncertified technicians.
Job outlook for diesel technicians has a very high growth rate and demand with a growth rate of 18.4 percent. Postsecondary schooling is a very big advantage for getting a job and being more successful. It brings bigger wages and better positions in your job outlook. The more you put into your career plan as a technician, the more you will get out of your career.
Author’s Message With postsecondary schooling and training, there will always be a demand for diesel technicians. Having the determination, personal skills, and basic fundamentals to have in the diesel field, you will be a very successful technician.

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