The Story Of An Hour Literary Analysis

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“The Story of an Hour” Fiction Literary Analysis Essay
In the short story “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin, the story explores Mrs. Mallard’s character through the story’s setting and conflict. Mrs. Mallard was suddenly stuck by severally devastating news, but through her emotional reflection, she was able to see a lighter side to the situation. Although she did have a valid reason as to why she eventually reacted the way she did, it would be an emotional reaction that would be disfavored in the time frame of the story.
Mrs. Mallard’s character changed quite rapidly after hearing the news that her husband, Brently, was killed in a railroad accident in the 1800s. This quote shows Mrs. Mallard’s reaction when she realized she was now self-reliant “Free! Body and Soul free!” (Chopin 23). Mrs. Mallard started to transition her emotional state from grief to relief, which during the 1800s; it would have been unheard of for women to express. Josephine attempted to talk Mrs. Mallard to unlock the door as she is afraid that Mrs. Mallard would stress her heart condition. Mrs. Mallard eventually realized that she did not feel grief for Brently’s death, but joy which she would not be able
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Mallard overall reaction to Brently’s death was uncommon which conflicted with the social convention of the time. This quote shows that Mrs. Mallard was somewhat worried and scared as she was coming into the realization that she was a free woman, ”There was something coming to her and she was waiting for it, fearfully” (Chopin 23). Mrs. Mallard knew this thought process was not typical for a grieving widow and attempted to hold it within. Josephine was worried Mrs. Mallard would make herself ill while grieving over Brently’s death, but it was the opposite. No one in the house could have imagined Mrs. Mallard was actually joyful. After the news of her husband’s passing it would not have been socially accepted to hear Mrs. Mallard’s feeling at the time before her death in her