The Story Of Childhood Growing Up In Modern Britain

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Personal Review of the Chapter:

This is a personal Chapter review of the Story of Childhood growing up in Modern Britain by Libby Brooks (2006).

The aim of this chapter review is to summarise the story of Lois as found in the book of Libby Brooks story of growing up in modern Britain. The chapter will be summarised briefly, its contents will be critically evaluated and reviewed to inform understanding of the chapter. It will also look into the understanding of sociology of childhood, its consequences to the way children are being studied, the way issues concerning children are addressed and the undertaking of professional practice with children.

Lois is a young girl nearly the age of 10, living with her parent and younger brother. Lois tends to behave more like a boy by her dressing, she likes playing football and sport related activities. She is very articulated and has a very mutual understanding with her Parents who are photographers.

Lois is growing up in the photographic world understanding exactly the world’s perception on childhood and photographs being displayed at the museum. This seems not to bother her at all as she has a strong confidence in her parents and how her photographs are being displayed. They have a mutual understanding between them whereby Lois doesn’t mind her pictures being displayed however can also decide on the pictures that can be displayed and her Mother will understand without bad feelings.

Lois is a child that is very smart at her age, has clear understanding of her environment and also have full confidence in her parents as to the extent of speaking clearly that her Mother Sue will never do anything to exploit her in a way some other photographers will do to their children like one of the Photographers mentioned in the book. She appreciates this mutual understanding and understands her boundaries and has been able to make decisions on what photographs can be displayed with full cooperation of her Mother.

Lois at her age understands the implications of media in her society and their reaction towards children. Children are being made very susceptible and abused by the media technology through various methods, the newspapers, museums displays, Facebook, YouTube, televisions and so on. These medias are being viewed by adults and whom no one knows exactly their intentions therefore depriving children that innocence and the options of a happy life at their tender age which is the time for them to be free, inspired, develop their personality and live a free life before they understand the society and its reaction towards them.

Sociology in childhood looks in depth the way children understand and learn from their society and environment with clear understanding of their race, culture, having their own identity and most importantly the media influence on their life especially in the case of Lois who her life is based on media whereby her photographs are made public by her parents in the museum.

Children are also influenced by their peers, religion, educational settings, family background, community, schools and culture and all this relates to their childhood socialisation and in terms of Lois who is growing up in the world of photographers according to the Determinist view they might have a strong argument that Lois environment might influence her future career, as she might choose photographers as a Career due to the fact that she is being raised in that environment and pictures being displayed as part of her parents decision therefore she might see this as a norm and carry on as her parents and family friend pathways whereas