The Story Of Christopher Dorner

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The Story of Christopher Dorner
Growing up Christopher Dorner wanted to be an ideal role model to the public, someone the public can give some respect to. Dorner then realized that he wanted to serve his country as a United States soilder, he specialized is weaponary. He became one of the best shooters in his platoon and quickly went up in ranks. After Dorner was done serving his time he decided to become a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Dorner started to see that there was corruption within the LAPD. One night Dorner was doing a double duty shift with one of the fellow officer. She pulled over and she saw a lady who seemed to be "cracked up" on drugs. The lady officer began to strike this old druggy lady with her boot for no reason what so ever. Dorner then reported this offense and got in trouble for snitching out one of his own cops "he crossed the blue line". Becuase Dorner had a couple of allegidly false flagged reportings, Christopher Dorner was discharged from the LAPD. Although many may believe Dorners discharge was the best decision for the LAPD at the time, it led to Dorners rampage. Serveral unnessecary deaths occured because Dorners case was not properly closed.
When Dorner began patroling a neighborhood with his fellow co-worker, who he was doing a double duty shift with, the women began to kick the helpless dugged-up homeless. Dorner later then reported it to his surpiriors. Lory Corral from a news paper The Gaurdian from United Kindom,"A former navy reservist and trained marksman, Dorner was fired from the force in 2008 for falsely claiming a training officer had kicked a homeless man, causing seething resentment".(2) The fact that Dorner did not believe it was right to strike a harmless old lady homeless lady in the face with the knee, led to dorner reporting it to his boss. Instead of taking the role of the good guy who saved the day he ended up hated by his colliges.
Because Dorner was dispised by his collige for crossing the blue line, which is a form of government between cops stating that they will not report eachother, Dorner lost all support from his co-works and was left to fight the war of his own. Dorner later then lost the against the agency and was discharged for false acusations. Richard Valerie from The Washington times, " Dorner was a very unstable man he took critisim to an extreme and was really self concious about many things." (1) Psychologist state the Dorner was the type of guy that was a ticking time bomb never knowing what his mood was going to be. This extends more than just his actions that he took. It can be debated that Dorner was not in the proper state of mind when he cause these murders because the LAPD discharging him led to him becoming chemically unbalanced and lose sence of control.
Dorner recognized how corrupt the system has become and wanted to take drastic messures to assure that police corruption does not amount to what it did ever again. He decided the best way to spread the message and get the citizens of the United States attention was to go on a killing spree. As Richard Valerie says in The Washington Times, "before Dorner went on the rampage,