The Story Of Jermain

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As Jermain now lay awake a sudden air of panic and confusion arose as he frantically became more familiar with his surroundings. The room bore bare frigid brick walls that were plastered in murky water paint. The ceiling hung low and the corners were covered in aged mold. A lone light fixture hung in the center of the room barely emitting any sense of comfort. He spun around and became face to face with a dreadful scene. The dryness in his throat, the tightness in his chest, and the dampness of his palms could not prepare him for what laid ahead. Today he woke as a prisoner, uncertain of whats to come although he knew the trip to the infirmary would be tomenting and gruesome. The tormenting walk to the infirmary would begin with menacing accompianment of the prison guard. Standing before Jermain was a towering burly man who obviously was one of the guards here to escort him down dreadful and dark halls on the way to the infirmary . Although the guards mouth moved, all
Jermaine could hear was the echoing of his heart pounding in his ears like thunder from a massive storm. The copper colored keys made a light wind chime sound as the guard unlocked the cage he was trapped in. The guard escorted Jermaine down a bleak everlasting hall that consumed them in its darkness with each step they took. They arrived at a room that resembled an oversized office space. The walls were the same as his cell. Hanging from the ceiling were three shaded lanterns but one flickered like the flutter of butterfly wings. The floors were black like leather and squeaked with each step they took. In addition to the metal desk and the handful of outdated and worn out cots scattered around, there in the corner of the infirmary stood a petite nurse. The nurses appearance took him to a bright place for a moment but his responce to the room brought him back to reality. Jermain found himself in a trance by the nurses beauty and feature ,though he couldnt escape the foul smell of the room. She had an almond shaped face with a pair of pouty blush colored lips. Her eyes were tired from stress but they were caramel in color with a speck of gold that captured the essence of a sunny summer day. Her hair had the luster and smoothness of milk chocolate as it draped over her shoulders. Her attire was white and hugged her body in a way that made her seem even more magical. But the brightness did not last as the smell of the room burned