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The story of me
Hi my name is Jay and this is the story of me. My family comes from 4 main countries Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and America.
On my mother’s side of the family there are from saint kitts and Saint Lucia so it a very interesting mix of two different cultures.
MY grandfather left saint kitts to find work he wanted to be more than fisher man and he heard that America was where dreams come true. Saint Kitts

Is located in the Caribbean. The Center of the island is dominated by a volcanic mountain chain. The official language spoken here is English. The main religions are Anglican and Protestant. This island is the Caribbean’s oldest colonized place. The people there were inhabitants of the islands when Christopher Columbus explored it in 1493. In 1623, the British settled on St. Kitts and Nevis in 1628. In 1672, the French settled on St. Kitts. The British/French rivalry lasted for more than 100 years. In 1782, the British won a war against fance to get the countries. The island got its

Independence from Britain in 1983. Basseterre is the capital of the country.

My grandmother left Saint Lucia simply just to be whit her older sister. Saint Lucia is the second largest of the Windward Islands located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. The island was created because of volcanic activity and is 43 km (27 miles) long and 23 km (14 miles) wide. Orchids and several other exotic plants grow wild in the lush rainforests of this island country. In recent years, St. Lucia has mainly been engaged in the export of bananas, clothing, vegetables, cacao and coconuts. In the past, St. Lucia’s biggest