The Story Of Pre-Prophethood Stories

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2 stories (Pre-Prophethood stories)
12 stories about 40 years of his life marriage to Khadijah shepherd, find people who had flock, and get meager wages
Khadijah, older sister, had flock and hired him to graze them outside, 2 people
After the Prophet (S) had finished grazing, go to town, to get wages, young man lets go and ask wages from Khadijah’s sister (some say Hala)
Why don’t you go on my behalf, I’m too shy
Came to Khadija’s sister and he asked for his wages, where is Muhammad? He was too shy to ask it from you
Older sister: I have not seen any man that is more shy, honorable, elegant manner, kept praising….first time Khadija heard of Prophet’s name
Something entered in her heart
Later on the year, Khadija had to send her caravan to Syria (married twice, 2nd husband wealthy merchant, sons from 1st marriage, jahaliyya women did not inherit, no kids so she could inherit a small fortune, and kept investing, she can not go and do it, so needs to hire men), wouldn’t wage someone to go, would make it percentage profit, ex: 30% profit is yours and 70% is mine (I’m investor and your labor work)
Because she’s sending a man not relative, would cheat, she never managed get the wealth she deserved
She decided to choose this young men, inexperienced never gone a business trip, but because of his honesty, overlooked age
Richest lady in Makkah
Hard to find single people, Khadijah married twice, not suitable or interested; many people proposed (wanted wealth, noble lineage, “pure woman”)
Went to Abu Talib, shared offer, what do you think? –asking permission showing respect
Offered 50% profit
Bosra, small town outside of Damascus in Syria
Along with one servant
Ruins of market places ~1,500 years before Prophet(S), Omar built one of the first masjid, oldest masjid
Maysara was the servant, did not go to Damascus, told Khadija of the care and concern, honesty, miracle of the cloud on his head (not strong hadith), had people seen this before prophet, people would have known
Prophet made double/triple made, he’s a prophet, Allah’s blessings, increasing emotions of Khadija (there’s nothing wrong in feeling such emotion, falling in love is not haram, but what you do with that action)
Details differ about the proposal: Khadijah is the one who hinted/arranged/proposed (everyone agrees), man proposes, if a woman proposes proper man, expressed interest, Nafeesa said leave it to me, when to Muhammad (S), why don’t you get married? I am the orphan and poor. What if Khadija wanted to marry you? Prophet was quiet…Why would she want me? He is interested, why somebody like me?
Took place after 3 months after his journey
Some people mention 2nd version: Khad
Abu Talib did servant: praising god, lineage of Quraish, my nephew is no comparison in any young man in Makkah, manners, nobility, and lineage, and proposed a marriage with maher with 12 nuggets of silver (modest amount) a few hundred dollars in today’s age $400-500
We accept the proposal, this is a young man that can’t be refused
Khadijah’s son Hala, accepted Islam eventually lived a noble life
How old? 40 years when she married, she died 65; more authentic knowledge, Waqari is lower, Ibn Kathir report she died when she was 50, changes everything; another earlier authority, Khadija married when she was 28 (Ibn Ishaaq- authority on Seerah)- more quanitity/quality, 2nd point: Prophet and Khadija had at least 6 children, a woman in her 40s to have 6 children blessings: 1st to believe, comfort him, 1st to take Waraqah, Jibril come to household, never enter any other house/wife, Jibril told Muhammad, here is Jibril and he is sending Allah’s salaam upon you and glad tidings of a house in Jannah, no noise or struggling, she responses: not wa alayka Assalam you are no one to do jaza back to allah, Allah is As-Salaam, inna allaha hu wasalaam
Aisha favorite in Madinah, not even born, never saw Khadija, never more jealous of any women than Khadija (one of 9), because I knew how much he loved her, once I