The Story of Sir William Wallace Essay

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william wallace
There is very little known about william wallace’s childhood and adolescent life. Most of what we know is from the triumph when he lead the english rebellion. There are many events that are significant to his life but the sources are unreliable. For the most part all we know is that
Wallace was born around the 1270’s in Elderslie. He was born to a family of Scottish nobility.
His family comprised of feudal landowners. Wallace himself was a minor member of the noble lords of Scotland.
Although we may not know much of william Wallaces childhood we do know the history events that have lead to be the hero he is today. Around the late 1200 there were two major events occurring that changed Scotland and the future. The Scottish throne being claimed by
King Edward the First. Scotland was in a succession crisis, King Edward saw the opportunity and seized throne, declared himself king of Scotland. King Edward I was simply not pleased with gaining the throne. He attacked the town of Lanark, killing the sheriff. In result of this, many men fled the town to join wallace. The second major event that followed was the Scottish rebellion. The rebellion was lead by none other than the legendary William Wallace. Many cities that had been attacked had many refugees in search of help. People soon heard of Wallace and joined him in his rebellion against the english. We might recognize him in the movie
Braveheart as Mel Gibson portrays wallace. He led the rebellion to gain independence for all the people of Scotland. Without Wallace, the scottish could not could not have been victorious over the English. Wallace is considered Scotlands greatest hero of all time although he had the strength and courage to stand up for what he thought was right, he was a freedom fighter.
In May 1297, Wallace attacked the town of Lanark, killing the English sheriff