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1. No decent citizen would support such an outrageous proposition.

2. As a life-long member of this association and as a person who has served on the Elder‘s Council for the past twenty years, I feel I must speak out against this madness.
3. Mrs Conway has turned up at this meeting apparently to show her support for our proposal. However, it is clear to me that she has her own selfish motives based on her desire to be elected as Councillor for this area in March.
4. If you people want to return to the industrial injustice of Dickensian England where employers forced a powerless working class into degradation – then by all means support John Howard‘s industrial policies!
5. Within a few weeks of my having given my son a good belting, he invariably scores a try at football.

There‘s no doubt corporal punishment helps him focus on his commitments.

6. One of the foremost thinkers of our age, George Bernard Shaw, often used his acid tongue to hurt people‘s feelings so why can‘t I?
7. Most people today recognise that organised religion is a complete failure as it hasn‘t stopped wars, solved social problems or eliminated poverty.
8. Young people today have no respect for their elders.

9. If you don‘t support this resolution you obviously can‘t belong in this club.

10. If you drive a car like that you must be incredibly successful.

11. There are only two possibilities, either you are for me or you are against me.

12. Training nine-year-olds to play competitive football is like taking innocent lambs to the slaughter.

13. Why do you follow someone who has been three times divorced? How can we trust such a person to lead us?
14. If you don‘t pick up your marks by studying harder, you won‘t get to University.

15. Why can‘t I go? All the other kids‘ parents are letting them go.

16. Join the union or face dealing with the bosses on your own.

17. Have a heart I