The Story of the Land (Myth) Essay

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The Story of the Land

Long ago before man inhabited Earth and it was bare and fertile, two great Goddesses ruled the planet. Their names were Terra the Brave and Aqua the Wise, daughters of the Almighty God of the Universe, Omnes the Creator. The daughters are the closest things to perfection in the universe with their bravery, compassion, and generosity. Omnes molded Earth with a snap of his mighty fingers, and he was astonished! He has never created anything so beautiful with so much raw potential! He presented his creation to his two eldest and wisest daughters, Aqua and Terra, for he knew such a beautiful planet would need just as beautiful and strong leaders. His daughters gladly accepted Earth as theirs to decorate with graceful living, breathing beings and brilliant, exquisite furnishings.

As the great Goddesses evaluated their new planet, they noticed a vast body of water with a singular, smaller portion of land. Aqua and Terra agreed the sisters would each fill half of the dry land with their creations of living beings, Aqua taking the Eastern half and Terra taking the Western half. Each of them created large and fierce animals along with small and specialized animals. They gave each specific detail much time and careful examination. Terra’s animals only interacted with themselves and equally the same with Aqua’s. The sisters didn’t find any fault in the separated assemblies, so they let the animals live and prosper separately for hundreds of years, until one day while supervising the planet, they noticed controversy in the middle of the large island. Terra’s animals and Aqua’s animals were fighting over the amount of land each group received. Each side wanted the other side’s land and in order to obtain it, they were preparing for a gruesome fight. In order to protect her animals, Terra prepared for war in the West, and Aqua, flabbergasted by her sister’s quick decision, also took place on the side with her personal animals in the East. Each sister prepared their thousands of animals for war and the next morning each side took positions led by a Goddess. Terra on the back of a mighty Ox stared across the border at her sister, Aqua, who seemed to be on the back of a fierce Lion. Each sister holding their own specialized sword proudly was at the head of their animal’s army. Once again Terra led in decision-making by charging at the enemy, her own sister, first. In the next split second, Aqua began rushing at Terra. While fiercely charging at one another, each sister only thought of protecting their makings, and as they approached, Aqua swung at Terra and Terra swung at Aqua! On impact a great flash of light filled the sky and the Goddesses were blinded and put in a mysterious trance.

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