The Story Of The Legend

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Key characters
Day ( Daniel Alton wing )
Commander Jameson
Tess and Day were watching Day’s family from far away, making sure that they were okay while soldiers were doing the plague check to every house in the street, then Day could sneak some food to his family. However, something went wrong, the soldier sprayed an “X” with a vertical line on his family’s house. June was a trouble at school, she spent only six minutes and forty-four seconds to climb up to fourteen stories, and this will be her eighth time breaking the rules. Her brother Metias were really upset about it, and took her home but eventually forgive her.
Day were trying to breaking into a hospital in order to get plague cure. (He put dart and blood on his face so that other people won’t recognize him, then he steal one of the soldiers I.D. He stuff himself in to ventilation shaft which lead him to curved stairwell and he him swap the I.D and get in the room full of medicine, but he did not get plague cure but plague suppressants), then he jump out of a tiny window to escape, after that he met Metias, Day throw a knife to him which hit into his shoulder, then lowing himself into sewer and runaway.
June found out her brother were killed, commander Jameson ended her agent training, and told June to analyze the crime scene, and found pendant that belong to Day. She’s full of revenge and swear to hunt the person who killed her brother down.
Day woke up on a bed in a two candle light room with a stabbing headache, and he was be told that he was knocked out for two days and Eden was the one who got plague. Now he was staying a stranger’s house. The man asked Day and Tess to leave the house because he heard someone was looking for him and he did not want any attention.
Commander Jameson ranged Metias’s funeral, June met Chain who organizes and oversees all trials taken In Los Angeles
Day went to a Chinese-themed bar, talk to the bartender and he asked something about the man who has plague meds, then he knew from the bartender, the man with the cure wanted to meet this person at ten-second place, then he was sure the man with the cure were looking for him, ten-second place is where Day took ten-second to break into the vault room.
June dressed up like a black-market dealer, she’s going to meet the killer who killed her brother and she knew the Day won’t even showed up and she might even got hurt, but she knew day will be there because the killer need plague cure desperate enough. As her expected, Day talked to her through the speaker.
Day risked himself to peek at his mother’s house, he saw Eden lying on the bed and he’d already lose weight, Day was hoping that plague will be mercy to his brother. Day and Tess were laughing and talking, Day can’t help to think the first time he and Tess met, she was a skinny girl and scared, parents were both dead, Day just took care of her, the relationship were built gradually between them. Day and Tess found out a number 318 on a metal.
June decided to be a undercover, Republic caught a spy from Colonies, the prisoner was in the interrogation room, Commander Jameson were question him or more like threating and tutoring him. The day after, June was in the Lake sector, pretending to dig around in the garbage bins, she found out no one talked about Day. She thought if she was undercover, she need to live like one and eat like one. On the fourth day, she was undercover, she hasn't found anything, yet. However, she stumble into a Skiz fight.
Day were watching and gambling in the Skiz fight, but Tess were doing all the work, day just watched in distance. Tess drew attention on herself, and she was nearly chosen to be next challenger fought against Kaede. However, a girl (June) saved her, but day still bet all the money on Kaede. He knew he is going to lost all of it.
Kaede stabbed June in the fight