Feminism In A & P

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The author is feminist in the story A&P by saying they need to covered themself. The author describes the girls as sex object, as slaves, as farm animals. The author is feminist in this story. The author is been feminist in the story because he is criticism the role of a female in the story. The girls did not have any rights in the story. Especially, in the story A&P the author is feminist as sex object. "In walk these three girls in nothing but bathing suits" (Uplike 1). It stating that the girls came in the store looking likes a slot because there is not beach next to the town so why come in a bathing suit. Sammy the narrator is motivated by how the girls came in to the store only in bathing suits. How the girls put themself out there by just showing there belly, arm, and legs. For instance, the manager of the store A&P embarrassed the girls. Lengel's the manager says "Girls this isn't the beach” (Uplike 13) and goes by saying this is our policy that you need to have your shoulder covered. Queenie "We are decent" (UPlike (18). Queenie is embarrassed and blushes. He goes that they need to be dress descent to the store but the girl’s just want to buy one thing. The author wants to get attention from the people by describing the girls with their bathing suits. Also the author describes the girls as slave because of the girls is the queen and boss them around. “She led them the other two peaking around and making their shoulder around" (Uplike 2. The queen did not look around the other for her. The author then goes describe the queen as how she walks like she never touches the floor with her feet’s (Uplike 2). The store manager has the power then Queenie so she just has to stay put and not do anything. In the story