Essay on The Story of a Man who Saved his Girl Friend from a Greedy Prince

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Long ago there was a greedy prince, who wanted nothing more than the perfect kingdom and the perfect wife. Prince Albert lived in a huge kingdom and in the middle of the forest, it was his beautiful castle and it had more hall ways and bed rooms than the smartest man in the land could count. He interviewed and flirted with the most beautiful girls ever imaginable buy none of them were good enough for the greedy Prince. One day he met a tall, blond, beautiful girl with an English accent. She was perfect. The prince had to marry her immediately. But he woman by the name of Rose did not love him. This she had told Albert, Albert was furious and roaring with anger toward her. Rose said her heart belonged to the castle black smith, Martin.
Albert screamed at his guards, telling them to take Rose to the forest of Neon where thousands of terrible beasts lay. Immediately Rose was swept off her feet and taken to the forest of Neon by the guards. The news about rose being kidnapped spread to everyone in the whole land, no one would ever attempt to save Rose from the forest of Neon, and legend has it that there were 3 keys needed to get to the pit of the forest and each of them were guarded by three terrible beasts.
Martin, the black smith, was heartbroken that he would never his beloved girl friend again. Unless he would save her, Martin had all of the equipment; swords and armour and he would kill the big bad beasts that lurked in the forest. The day Martin set off it was a cold wintery morning. He packed his battle equipment, extra food and water. He said he said his good byes to his family, telling them that he might never come back. This caused many tears and silent moments but in the end his family let him go as his family said he will guided by love.
It took many days and night before Martin even reached the entrance of the forest. He was very brave and wasn’t bothered by the insects getting in his way. He came to a big tree with a hole in the front of it, it looked like it was made by an elephant. The immediately a huge fury creature leaped out of the hole Martin raised his sword and struck it in the stomach, the beast fell on its back and was killed immediately. A rush of blood was pumping through Martin’s veins he thought that was hard but he knew it was only the beginning. Martin took a closer look at the animal. It was decaying and moulding into a small key. He lit up with excitement he was 1 step closer to saving Rose and he had the first key of Neon.
Martin entered a small cavern inside another tree. It was covered with green moss. Martin crept on the roots of the tree and waited for something to happen. Suddenly, one of the roots of the tree got off the floor and smashed Martin in the face. He was screaming in agony there was blood all over his face as he had broken his nose. Many roots were now