Essay about The Strangers and Compliments

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Pamela Thompson
March 27, 2015

Compliments are a remark that says something good about someone or something it’s also an action that expresses admiration or approval. It's a generous statement to give a person about their appearance, personality, and belongings. Most of the time, these statements are truthful. Maybe somebody really likes that coat of yours or they could be inspired by how friendly you are towards others. Sometimes compliments are used to bring somebody up when they are down or to give a boost to their self-esteem. These can be true, but sometimes people just say it so they can make your day, even if you honestly don't look that great. Either way, a compliment can change a person's cloudy day into a sunny day. But sometimes people aren't nice enough or are too insecure to give compliments to others.
For one week I gave three genuine compliments each day. One to my boyfriend, one to someone else I knew and the third to a complete stranger. This was a very easy task for me because I am a people person and not afraid to talk. As a matter of fact I’m always stopping and speaking to random people all over. Most people are a little timid to just start talking especially with complete strangers but not for me. I gave my boyfriend the following compliments in one week of being handsome, having a great smile, nice looking shoes, look amazing in his power suit for work, , sincere, honest, and loving. He thanked me for all the compliments and gave me compliments back as well in return. I always give my boyfriend compliments because he is an amazing person and my best friend who makes me so happy. Giving the compliments to him didn’t make any change in our relationship at all.
Complimenting a stranger was very easy for me because they were genuine and spontaneous. The compliments given to strangers were “I love your shoes”, “I love your hair”, “You look amazing to be sixty years old”, and “you have a pretty smile”, all of these compliments were so natural for me to say without even giving it much thought, I just blurted it out. For me telling the truth about something makes it very easy to pay someone a compliment. I can’t be a phony person and tell someone they look nice when they don’t. My mom always told me if you can’t say anything nice about someone then don’t say anything at all. I live by this every day. The strangers all lite up when I gave the compliments and all of them thanked me and said have a great day. We both smiled and I’m sure I made there day as well as they made mine.
The compliments paid to people that I knew were also very