The Strength and Endurance of My Great Grandfather Essay example

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English 8
7 December 2012
I walked into the room and thought, “How could this happen?” How could this happen to this wonderful man?” My great grandfather was dying. He had recently been diagnosed with cancer. I wasn’t there when he was told and truthfully was glad. I’m not good in those situations. Now though I promised to visit him as much as possible. I remember what a character he was. He was a huge jokester and loved making people laugh. Whether some funny story or some random thing he did he loved them all. I can still see his sly grin he always carried everywhere he went. No matter what was going on he would make your day brighter. Before he was diagnosed with this horrible disease I was never able to visit him as much. The times when I was usually able to see him was around holidays mainly Christmas. But I do remember some of those precious visits I rarely had with him at his retirement home. Most of the visits to his place I had was when I was really little say around age 7 or 8. My great grandfather was also very adventuress. When he was a young man he enlisted in the army and fought in World War 2. Sometimes he accidently locked himself out on the balcony of his home and crawled across the railing to the person next to him to get a key. That would always scare my grandmother. So once he was diagnosed they moved him to (Find out name) and put him in rapid recovery. We knew though that he would not recover from this one. The doctor said he would live for 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 months. So as I had swore to myself earlier I promised to visit him as much as possible. On my first visit to him I noticed right away how different he looked from his usual self. There was his sheepish smile still but he looked thinner, weaker. “Hey Bubby,” my grandma said. (Yes Bubby we called him that for some reason.) When he replied her greeting I noticed voice sounded hoarser too. How could this happen I wondered again. One of Bubby’s favorite things in the world was puzzles. So naturally we brought him a bunch of puzzles and helped him with them. He was something of a whiz with them. I’m pretty sure that his favorite one that we brought in and helped him with was a 3D pyramid shaped puzzle. We spent over a week going to visit him over and over and still that puzzle wasn’t done. Finally after over 2 weeks we finished it. Bubby was so proud that as soon as we finished it that he went around to almost all the rooms to show it to everyone. It was around this time that I noticed how much pain he was always in. He was pretty macho so