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Bashir: A young 14 year old male, oldest out of his 4 brothers. His father was taken by illness and the mother left with his 4 brothers to seek a better life.

Mohsen: Mohsen is a 16 year old boy Bashir met on the boat in Western Australia who has been stuck there for awhile.

Extra characters:
4 brothers

Story: The story begins in Afghanistan with young Bashir straight after his mother left so he's all alone. He fights for survival living in a shack he built himself,che really wants a way out and he gets tipped off by a passing traveller about a boat near him heading to Australia so he ventures out to catch it. Once his own the boat he meets another boy named Mohsen who after talking to finds out they both have common interests so he pairs up with Mohsen. Upon arriving to Australia the both get captured and put in a detention centre. They fight for their lives the whole time relying on each other for survival and after a eight month battle they are finally allowed to live in mainland Australia so they rent a house together and both start attending school, they do everything together as they've relied on each other for so long they can't break it. They hope that one day they'll earn enough money to fly Bashir's mother and 4 brothers to Australia to join them in their new found life.

Scene 1: Bashir's mother and 4 brothers leave leaving alone in his shack fighting for survival, in this scene we see the harsh realities of the situation.

Scene 2: Bashir comes in contact with a passing traveller who tells Bashir about the boat.

Scene 3: Bashir gets on the boat and meets Mohsen and they agree to travel together and rely on one another.

Scene 4: They arrive on the shores of Australia only to get captured and taken to a concentration camp.

Scene 5: After a year of fighting they finally get released and decide to go study together

Spotlight On Bashir

BASHIR: *To audience* The suns setting over the dark swamps of Afghanistan, the boats getting ready to take Bashir to freedom.

Voice off stage yells 'Get a move on we're leaving'

BASHIR runs off stage

Group of people walk out and lay down planks of wood on the stage and proceed to sit on them

The lights go very bright then fully off then very bright then off then bright representing the passing of days

BASHIR: sitting with an empty bowl I want more food please someone.

MOHSEN: Here eat passes over bowl

BASHIR eats food

BASHIR: Bashir extends hand

MOHSEN: Mohsen shakes BASHIR'S hand

A man dressed as an officer you would find at a detention centre walks out and sits between the two boys

BASHIR whispers into the officers ear

OFFICER: To MOHSEN he wants to know your story.

Mohsen whispers into officers ear

OFFICER: To Bashir He's families at the Concentration camp in Western Australia where were heading now, he's been living in a shack waiting for a way to finally see them OFFICER covers MOHSEN'S ears little does he know he's family finally died last week haha uncovers MOHSEN'S ears.

MOHSEN whispers into officers ear

OFFICER: to BASHIR he wants to know your story

BASHIR whispers into officers ear

OFFICER: to MOHSEN He's the oldest of his 4 brothers who are still in Afghanistan with his mother and his dads dead, he's on this boat trying to start a new life for himself.

MOHSEN whispers into the officers ear

OFFICER: He wants to know your plans in Australia

BASHIR whispers into officers ear

OFFICER: To MOHSEN He says he's going to go and study, he wants to earn a degree so he can afford to bring his family over and get them away from people like me. He just wants to get on with his life.

MOHSEN whispers into officers ear

OFFICERS: To BASHIR he says he wants to do the same, maybe you two should go on together, actually no you shouldn't because I'm putting you both straight into a detention centre, the government will 'fight' for your freedom but