The Struggle In Mississippi's Short Story 'Phoenix'

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In the story Phoenix, an old black woman in mississippi starts on a long journey through the snowy woods. Throughout the story she is met with conflict but never hesitates to continue, showing that she is persistent. In the beginning of her walk she claims to hear a rustling noises in the bushes and tells the source of the noise to leave her be as she doesn't want to lose her way.
Shortly afterward, Phoenix gets caught in a thorn bush and is forced to carefully remove each thorn as to not ruin her dress. Each time she gets one part of her dress out, another part gets stuck but, at the same times she knows the thorns are “doing their appointed work.” These two situations show the reader that her age made her aware of other people's feelings, even if it isn't a person. She then rests under a tree, she imagines a boy giving her
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This shows that even though phoenix doesn't know if she will be helped, she still tries. After helping her up the hunter starts asking questions. She answers him but tries to stay calm and still because she noticed a nickle had fallen out of the hunters pocket. The Hunter then chases the dog off into the woods which gave phoenix the chance to grab the nickel. She then says “come to stealing,” and talks about how god has been watching her. This shows the reader just how poor she was. If she was willing to disobey her religion for a nickel then she must be desperate. It also shows that she has morality and she knows what she did was wrong, even if she doesn’t do the right thing afterward.
The hunter comes back and laughingly points the gun at her and asks her if she's scared. She says she has been near lots of guns that went off closer and for less reason. The hunter says he would give her money if he had any (which we know he did). As he starts walking off phoenix can hear gunshots in the