The Struggle of Development Essay examples

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In the story, “Bless Me, Ultima,” by Rudolfo Anaya, the main character Antonio goes through some developmental changes that are a result of his exposure to death. Bless Me Ultima is about the overall psychological evolvement of a young Mexican-American boy who lives in the vast plains of New Mexico and involves himself in numerous deaths, however none of which are of his own accord. A peculiar woman by the name of Ultima shows up in our main character’s life and soon after, Antonio is encountering death. After his first death experience, a chain begins to form causing Antonio develop himself emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, later leading to moral independence. Encountering death would no doubt change someone emotionally which happens to our protagonist, Antonio. Antonio’s first death that he confronts is that of a war veteran by the name of Luptio who is shot by men from the town, Antonio’s father accompanying them. Antonio begins to feel fearful for his father’s soul for being with the other men who are responsible for Lupito’s death, believing God would punish their souls, “Will he go to hell?” (Anaya 25). This death would be the commencement of seeing Antonio mature. Due to being a passive spectator, Antonio is more analytical over anything. He makes it habitual to constantly be inquisitive “Did God listen? Would he hear? Had he seen my father on the bridge?” (Anaya 23). This character trait grants the reader insight as to what Antonio’s thoughts are and how he views the world also allowing the reader to view how Antonio changes emotionally. His early acquaintance with death leaves Antonio with myriad thoughts, causing Antonio’s premature loss of innocence. Spiritually and religiously, Antonio develops himself through constantly questioning God and why the world currently is the way it is. Death plays a major factor for Antonio in his journey to understand the world around him and the religious views of everyone. Death keeps Antonio questioning his morals and the human experience. Antonio always thinks about God and if he truly forgave sins or damned people to hell and is unforgiving, “Will God forgive his sin and be with him?” (Anaya 33). Struggling to reconcile himself with religion, Antonio comes to the conclusion that he must make his own decisions. Subconsciously, Antonio’s dreams contribute to the understanding of his questions about God. Every dream Antonio conjures up enriches his perception of the world. Psychologically, death aids Antonio throughout the story. Death allows Antonio to question